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illustrated tutorial to do himself a wooden column Sileos

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Model Description

product designer for 10 years in the industry, I have designed this column wooden storage so you can easily achieve without knowing specifically read a plan or have special knowledge in carpentry. The tutorial explains how to make the not not with the steps illustrated for easy reading. Of course you can modify according to your needs, your budget and your style by choosing the materials and finish.

Level: Beginner
Tools: Jigsaw, Drill
Dimension (mm): 400 x 1800 x 400

Tutorial Content :

+ Table of materials, quantities, dimensions.
+ Each illustrated and numbered manufacturing step.
+ List of tools for each step.
+ The plan in the 3 views for easy customization.
+ Professional tricks used in workshops

7 pages - 40 images - 27 Steps

See this tutorial in the book "Make yourself the furniture"

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