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illustrated Tutorial to do himself a Japanese bed with wooden slats Japa

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The Japan slat bed has been designed to be simple to manufacture and require no special carpentry skills. Similarly, a basic power tools should allow to realize just as easily, from wooden scantlings and construction boards. Inspired by Japanese beds, slatted mattress will accommodate a 160 by 200 centimeters and its structure can be disassembled on occasion if you do not use glue.
Level: Beginner
Tools: Jigsaw, drill, sander
Dimension (mm) 2230 x 1900 x 320

Tutorial Content :

+ Table of materials, quantities, dimensions.
+ Each illustrated and numbered manufacturing step.
+ List of tools for each step.
+ The plan in the 3 views for easy customization.
+ Professional tricks used in workshops

8 Pages - 50 Images - 23 Steps

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