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Do yourself a Dutch pool table with illustrated tutorial

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Product designer in the industry for 10 years, I realized the tutorial for yourself what Dutch pool table without special knowledge in carpentry.

The goal is to make the maximum points by dragging wooden pallets in racks. After each series of pucks thrown, the player can recover those who did not return in lockers and restart them a second time and a third time. Each puck back in a locker is the number of points the locker said. But if each bin contains at least one puck, the player gets a bonus of 20 points, so each bin contains at least 2 February shuffleboard, it marks 40 and so on ...

This game will have fun with friends or family. These dimensions are based on pre-cut panels of DIY store to facilitate manufacturing and reduce costs.


Tutorial Content

     + Table of materials, quantities, dimensions
     + Each manufacturing step illustrated and numbered
     + List of tools for each step.
     + Plan in 3 views

See this tutorial in the book "14 toys to make itself"

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