How far are we foreigners from each other ?

The big gap

How long are we foreigners for each other? Should we take into account the sight disorders to evaluate this problem and therefore the age that causes them to exclude the old? Should we exclude young people too young to evaluate this distance? Should we exclude women who make stories for nothing or those who never say anything? What is the gap that forbids me to love you?

Our indifferences

Should we refuse to help disabled people on the sidewalk across the street, battered women in outlying neighborhoods or those whose homes burn on other continents? Should you refrain from looking at someone in distress because of their height, color or sex, appearance or clothing, sexual or political orientation, beliefs or knowledge? How far do we put these differences?

My other tribes

Should we stop solidarity with our elders from other tribes? Must we forbid mustaches on the other side of the river or children in caps from neighboring territories? Maybe it is necessary to exclude the artists from here or the non artists from there, why not? no longer to help those who are against my ideas seems to me particularly sensible, or rather those who are for? Indifference allows me what closeness?

And if ...

And if we exclude living things that are not profitable? the poor, the homeless? And if we exclude the excluded?
And if we exclude those who want to exclude? those who are nothing?
Should we build an office, a wall or a border between us and those we should not help?
Should we stick bans on what they should not use here?
Can we put a name, a sign on those we should not help?
Should we park in camps all those who are not like you?
ah but we need a justification ...
Let's think, we are not very far.

"L'étranger" is a text written by Yvan Besnard. Any right of reproduction is prohibited in any form without a written agreement of its author.