transgender women are women ?

radical feminist movements reject "transsexual women*" outside feminism by mainly opposing them to 3 points:

- "to be a woman is to receive female education from birth and to experience parity in her adult life."

my answer: "transsexual women"* did not choose the education they received but it was imposed on them from birth according to the beliefs of those around them, and more particularly of their parents, under the social pressure of community orders. This statement amounts to saying that a woman who has not received the appropriate education would not be a woman. Worse still, she affirms by this means that there is only one education in conformity with the woman, that is to say only one possible feminine behavior. It is to refute the diversity of women and their right to be different. It is to assume the power to determine what is female education or not, to impose a single way of being a woman and demonstrates here a desire to control women.

As for parity, it seems to me that "transsexual women"* have a fairly precise idea of what family, social, political and economic injunctions can be, what it means to be a woman in a society that claims to be prevent with all the abuse, bullying, insults, rejections, physical and psychological violence, their murders, the confiscation of their property and their rights that they have had to undergo, by men but also women, even in associations "feminists". And they still suffer it, from an early age, from the cradle with a color, as soon as they are old enough to walk, in schools, in the street and often even in their families, otherwise this column would be perfectly useless.

-"to be a woman is to have functional female genitalia with all the risks that entails"

my answer: "transsexual women"* have not chosen the genitals they wear either. This organ has been imposed on them. They have been imposed an identity, an education, a dress uniform and a behavior from the sole observation of an organ, without taking into account the medical aspects invisible to the naked eye, based only on erroneous popular beliefs and without their consent. This reflection amounts to discrediting and excluding women who have a malformation or have had to undergo an operation on their genitals voluntarily or not, or even women who decide not to give birth or to have an abortion. It is to exclude all women who are not functional, young and old, physically and/or mentally handicapped, etc...

It is the ideology of the functional, young and fertile woman, which recalls the supremacist discourses of a woman having to be functional for someone, having to be useful for something. The woman is functional for reproduction and incidentally for the household apparently according to these radical feminists. It is to consider women as only supports for gestation for males in search of descendants, which is not so far from the claims advocated by the extreme right during evangelization meetings.

- "to be a woman is not a desire but a state of fact while transsexual women are a minority claiming an answer to their desire."

my answer: - "transsexual women"* are not in desire but in necessity. Its a question of life or death. those are women who must free themselves from the obligatory injunction to be men made by doctrinaire communitarianisms, under the pretext that men and women have seen an organ to which they attribute religious powers. They find themselves faced with the fait accompli of others. This reflection demonstrates that your argument is based on popular, sectarian and magical assumptions. It is unfounded, without scientific argument and an abyssal misunderstanding of the realities of "transsexual women"*. Moreover, it seems appropriate that you deny women the possibility of desiring for and by themselves, and implying that they need guides, female or male, who control what they might desire.

my conclusion is intended to be advice and a warning of the trap set by the Terfs (Transsexual exclusionary radical feminist):

I can only note the authoritarian injunctions of these radical women who claim to impose on everyone what they should be and how they should be, based on political sophisms and magical beliefs. To claim that transgender women are there to abuse cis women and their children because they were born with a penis and had a male upbringing imposed on them is incitement to hatred and discrimination. Banning them from feminine spaces for its same fallacies is segregation and an endangerment of transgender women. White Nazi women used the same artifice of alleged assault to guilt and dehumanize a minority of women. In the USA and in England, certain white Protestant women close to the ultra right had themselves accused black women of these same alleged assaults in the toilets.

Weaken feminism

If it is time to free oneself from the injunctions of some, it is not to obey the injunctions of others. The will of these radical feminists is sufficiently clear: Since they have defined what is feminine or not, they alone are entitled to carry the feminist discourse. They alone validate femininity and the entrances to feminine spaces. Moreover, these feminists are renowned for violently rejecting any person, man or woman, who does not adhere to their injunctions, which demonstrates their human totalitarianism and their true political nature. The real role of the Terfs is to discredit real feminist movements, such as radical feminists, and to render their word unintelligible by sprinkling them with hatred and calling for segregation. These phenomena are already observed in public events.

It is easy to understand that encouraging division and differentiation by opposing individuals makes it possible to claim the place of leader of the group of women thus led astray. Extremists have always practiced this way. Because a leader is needed to defend the interests of the said group, which will of course have to be remunerated, thanked, adulated and idolized... In the same way, it seems to me interesting to note that the violence and argumentation of the Terfs is reminiscent of that of the extreme right macho of the KKK, Nazi practices and other extreme evangelists who also value the functional woman. We are hardly surprised then by the origin of their financing, we are entitled to wonder if these movements, under the guise of being progressive aggressive, do not aim to send women back into their homespun dresses kitchens to gestate with their functional uterus as desired by their peers.

their nuisance capabilities

These excluding Terfs don't just kindly question gender. They use their capacity for nuisance and malevolence by excluding transgender women from public toilets but also from public and private locker rooms, just as Nazi women did with Jewish women, by playing on the fear of alleged violence or perversity. sexual. Transgender women are already banned from some women's clothing stores and some bars while others are discriminated against in employment by these same radicalized people, sure of their impunity.

By playing on the conflation with pedophilia and harassment, exaggerating or lying, they have cast suspicion on transgender women in childhood settings, when there are no legal cases to support their beliefs. Different transgender people recount the injunction to silence made to them in the public space by this small feminist group, and the attempts to make trans people and their needs invisible during feminist demonstrations. There are reports of repeated verbal attacks in universities, forcing one in three transgender people to drop out of higher education.

A global apartheid

Through the systematic exclusion of public spaces by these vindictive feminists, they attempt to marginalize and make transgender women vulnerable, especially when they are of foreign origin, multiplying the physical endangerments, offering prey to patriarchy and pimps, male and female violence, to create the conditions for invisible feminicides. All this is reminiscent of the time when there were places exclusively reserved for whites such as toilets or schools. Unfortunately, this apartheid is taking place with the complicit silence of the media and associations, the deafening silence of justice and of the entire world political class, in the name of the so-called freedom of expression. but is a public lie free speech?

But be aware that "transsexual women*" do not actually exist: they are women who generally only aspire to live their lives serenely, like the others. A transgender woman is a woman on whom the obligation to be a virile man has been imposed since birth, under penalty of reprisals and death. They have been placed under house arrest in their physical but also social bodies by acerbic men and women. Is this enough as a sexist experience?

Prevent socialization

And when they decide to take responsibility for themselves, they have the right to the same sexist attacks as other women, to which can be added racial, homophobic, transphobic, psychophobic, religious attacks... Some women want to reduce them to hiding in their body, their identity but also in the public space to prevent their socialization. The Terfs, these radical women, forbid them to compare with other women the intimidation and violence they receive when they are alone in the street, to prevent any feminist rapprochement.

As a reminder, the term transsexual* was invented by psychiatrists in search of recognition and taken up by the media for the fantasmagoric part that is projected onto these women. Gender theory is the monstrous bogeyman that only exists under the beds of far-right conspirators. It might be interesting for you to meet some of these transsexual women* who could undoubtedly teach you what it is to feel like a woman, with all its "uncertainties" in a society that claims to forbid it to you, and find some correlations regarding male/female inequality, see the female/female inequalities of which you are the craftsmen...

* the term "transexual" is used here as it is purposely used by the Terfs. I am fully aware of the connotations this term has and the appropriate use of the term transgender, although I have a personal preference for the term trans identity. But the terfs continue to use the term "transexual" for a discriminatory but also vexatious purpose on identity.