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What is a cookie ?

On the occasion of visiting a web site, a publisher's website may be required, subject to your choice, to drop on your computer through your browser, a text file. This text file is a cookie. It collects a number of different information depending on the needs of the site or its service providers.

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Known cookies used by the site allow operate connection scessions the Member interface, management of the shopping cart and sharing on social networks (since you must be logged in to your account to share ). We use this data for the functioning of our site. We do not disclose it voluntarily the data contained in these cookies to third parties with or without payment.

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A number of providers may use cookies in the programs that we add to improve navigation. Can not have any certainty about the presence or not of cookies and their use by the providers, we can not be held responsible for their actions regarding data collected by them, whatever the object or shape, remaining code in their responsibilities.

How to accept or prohibit cookies

With settings of your browser, you can, at any time, simply and free of charge, choose to accept or not the recording of cookies on your computer.

The choices offered to you by your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). You can set your browser according to your will, so that cookies are (a) accepted and stored on your computer or, alternatively, (b) that they may be refused.

                 a. The agreement on Cookies: If your browser is set up to accept cookies from being saved on your computer, cookies embedded in the pages and content you've viewed will be systematically stored in your computer.

                b. The refusal of Cookies: You can set your browser how to:

   - that accepting or rejecting cookies you are offered promptly, before a cookie is likely to be recorded;

   - systematically refuse registration of cookies in your computer.

The parametrage cookies in your browser may cause a site dysfunction preventing us from deliver our services which we can be held responsible.